NameDepartmentScientific InterestEmailPhoneWebsite
Oshri Avraham Cellular BiologyDeciphering the mechanisms that regulate the diversity of peripheral glial cells to achieve a better understanding of their role in the context of disease and injury.oshri.avraham@uga.edu706-542-4271Visit site
Pengpeng BiGenetics, Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM)Use versatile of genetic mouse models to address major scientific questions in muscle and adipose tissue biology.pbi@uga.edu706-542-7768Visit site
Katie BillmyreGeneticsMeiotic chromosome biology using Drosophila as a model system.Katie.billmyre@uga.edu706-369-4012Visit site
Mark R. BrownEntomologyNeuroendocrinology of development, reproduction, and metabolism in insects; evolution of peptide hormone structure and functionmrbrown@uga.edu706-542-2317Visit site
Gaelen BurkeEntomologyHost-microbe interactions involving insectsgrburke@uga.edu706-542-1863Visit site
Haini CaiCellular BiologyEnhancer-promoter specification in the Antennapedia Complex in Drosophiliahcai@uga.edu706-542-3329Visit site
Rabindranath De La Fuente Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary MedicineRegulation of Chromatin Structure and Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression during Oogenesisrfuente@uga.edu706-542-5864Visit site
Scott DouganCellular BiologyControl of cell fate specification and morphogenesis in zebrafishsdougan@uga.edu706-583-8194Visit site
Chas EasleyEnvironmental Health ScienceMy lab is interested in developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD). Specifically we are interested in how preconception exposures to environmental toxicants impact proper development and lead to disease states in subsequent generations.cae25@uga.edu706-542-2725Visit site
Jonathan EggenschwilerGeneticsSignaling and tissue patterning in mammalian developmentjeggensc@uga.edu706-542-2813Visit site
Kasuke FunatoBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM)Our research focuses on the role of developmental programs in the formation and progression of malignant brain tumors in adults and children.kosuke.funato@uga.edu706-542-0814Visit site
Jacek GaertigCellular BiologyCilia biogenesis, organelle size control and intracellular pattern formationjgaertig@uga.edu706-542-3409Visit site
Mary GollGeneticsEpigenetic regulation in early embryonic development
mary.goll@uga.edu706-542-1927Visit site
Robert S. HaltiwangerBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, CCRCRole of glycosylation in regulating Notch signaling, assisting protein folding, and developmentrhalti@uga.edu706-542-4151Visit site
Daichi KamiyamaCellular BiologyMolecular mechanisms of neural circuit assemblydaichi.kamiyama@uga.edu706-542-3338Visit site
Lohitash KarumbaiahAnimal and Dairy ScienceChondroitin sulfate proteoglycans and their role in the nervous system lohitash@uga.edu706-542-2017Visit site
Edward KipreosCellular BiologyRegulation of cell division in Caenorhabditis elegansekipreos@uga.edu706-542-3862Visit site
Peter KnerEngineeringBio-imagingkner@engr.uga.edu706-542-8855Visit site
Jim LauderdaleCellular BiologyMolecular genetics of vertebrate eye and forebrain developmentjdlauder@uga.edu706-542-7433Visit site
Karl F. LechtreckCellular BiologyAssembly and maintenance of cilialechtrek@uga.edu706-542-0167Visit site
Hongxiang LiuRegenerative Bioscience CenterDevelopment of taste organslhx@uga.edu706-542-7048Visit site
Wolfgang LukowitzPlant BiologyMolecular mechanisms of early embryonic patterning in Arabidopsislukowitz@uga.edu706-542-9252Visit site
Nancy ManleyGenetics, AdjunctMechanisms of thymus and parathyroid organogenesis in micenmanley@uga.edu706-542-5861Visit site
Amy MedlockBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyHeme homeostasis during embryogenesis and erythroid differentiationmedlock@uga.edu706-542-7843Visit site
Douglas MenkeGeneticsTbx genes and vertebrate limb evolutiondmenke@uga.edu706-542-9557Visit site
Patricia J. MooreEntomologyThe role of nutrition on shaping reproductive potential and modulating life history trade-offspjmoore@uga.edu706-542-0169Visit site
Luke J. MortensenADS & Engineering In vivo optical microscopy and cell therapy for bone and tissue regeneration.luke.mortensen@uga.edu706-542-0985Visit site
Kristen J. NavaraPoultry ScienceInfluences of maternal hormones on programming of offspring phenotype.knavara@uga.edu706-542-1369Visit site
Ben ParrottOdum School of Ecology/Savannah River Ecology LaboratoryMechanisms underlying environmental influences on sex determination, sexual development, and reproductive health. benparrott@uga.edu803-725-7471Visit site
Rachel Roberts-GalbraithCellular BiologyRegeneration, neurobiology, and stem cells in planariansrobertsgalbraith@uga.edu706-542-9330Visit site
Tania RozarioGenetics, Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases (CTEGD)Mechanisms of stem cell regulation, regeneration, and reproductive development in tapeworms tania.rozario@uga.edu706-542-0197Visit site
Jayshree SamantaBiomedical SciencesMolecular mechanisms and signaling pathways regulating regeneration of myelin from adult neural stem cells in the mammalian brainjayshree.samanta@uga.edu706-542-8340Visit site
Cordula SchulzCellular BiologyTissue homeostasis from adult stem cells in Drosophilacschulz@uga.edu706-542-3515Visit site
Ping ShenCellular BiologyRegulation of neural development and behavior in Drosophilapshen@uga.edu706-542-1220Visit site
Lili TangEnvironmental Human Science/ToxicologyDr. Tang's research focuses on using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism to elucidate adverse neurological outcomes, especially developmental neurotoxicity, and to better define the roles of host-microbe-chemical (3-way) interactions in response to environmental contaminants.ltang@uga.edu706-542-9765Visit site
Michael TiemeyerBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, CCRCDevelopmental neurobiology in Drosophilasmtiemeyer@ccrc.uga.edu706-542-2740Visit site
Esther van der KnaapHorticultureRegulation of tomato fruit patterningvanderkn@uga.edu706-542-4682Visit site
Maria M. ViveirosPhysiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary MedicineRegulation of meiotic division in mammalian oocytes and early embryonic developmentviveiros@uga.edu706-542-5869Visit site
Lance WellsBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, CCRCFunctional diversity of protein function by post-translational modificationslwells@ccrc.uga.edu706-542-7806Visit site
Christopher M. West Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyGlycoregulation and oxygen control of growth and development in social amoebae and other protists. westcm@uga.edu706-542-8486Visit site
Michael WhiteGeneticsThe evolution and developmental mechanisms of sex determination.whitem@uga.edu706-542-2464Visit site
Li YangPlant PathologyMolecular mechanism of plant immunity; plant development in response to infection; the crosstalk between plant growth and defenseli.yang1@uga.edu706-542-2209Visit site
Yao YaoRegenerative Bioscience CenterStudy the behavior of enhancers in brain development, evolution and diseases; Engineer exosomes derived from neural stem cell to develop gene therapy strategy for neurodegenerative diseasesYao.Yao@uga.edu706-542-9767Visit site
Nadja ZeltnerBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, and Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM)Human pluripotent stem cell-based disease modeling with focus on the peripheral nervous system, stress and adrenal gland biologyNadja.Zeltner@uga.edu706-542-2650Visit site